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An enthusiastic community and personal support: that’s what sets PHWT apart. In addition to the excellent opportunities in professional life with a practical degree from the PHWT, the atmosphere of a private university should not be underestimated. Connectedness and companionship make studying, whether dual or classical, a formative time in one’s life.

Your dual Bachelor

With a dual bachelor’s degree from PHWT, you can easily start your professional life with practical and modern module content. In small study groups with personal support, complex topics become easy for you to understand and you are safely accompanied to success.

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Your part-time Master

More and more academics are opting for a part-time master’s degree program. This is because the implementation of the forward-looking and current module content in professional practice strengthens leadership qualities and significantly increases career opportunities.

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Benefit from valuable student committees

The so-called Student Committees are associations of students for students. They organize and represent various activities for and at the university and serve as contact persons for students.

Being part of the Student Committees is part of our community and offers besides fun also the possibility to get to know many fellow students and to build up your own network. This not only brings advantages during your studies, but can also be very helpful in your professional life. The current Student Committees at PHWT are:


  • Celebrating
  • Charity / Competition
  • Welcome
  • Sports
  • Alumni

News & Events

Minister Thümler visits PHWT

Minister Thümler visits PHWT

On Thursday, President Prof. Dr. Dennis De and two PHWT students received Lower Saxony's Minister for Science and Culture, Björn Thümler, as a guest. During a short tour and an overview of the modern equipment in the Centre for Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering...

NEW: Online applications possible via our homepage

NEW: Online applications possible via our homepage

Whether "dual" or "classic", anyone interested in studying at the PHWT can apply without obligation via the homepage. Those who are interested in either dual studies or do not yet know whether "dual" or "classic" can register here and upload documents. A short...

New strategy process for the Stüve Road Construction Group

New strategy process for the Stüve Road Construction Group

After more than 20 years of successful activity in the road construction industry, the Stüve Straßenbau Group, like many other companies, was faced with the question of how the company should develop in the future. Which business fields should be served, what is the...

Your entrepreneurial university – the PHWT

Not only the practical phases in the company bring you closer to the contents of your studies, but also many projects and research opportunities at the PHWT. Our partner companies provide new, progressive projects so that your studies are as practical as possible.

Well-known research topics are “PHWT – Deefholt Dynamics”, the racing team of PHWT, and “PHWT – Conacting”, a student consultancy at the university.

The research program provides opportunities for students to tackle and implement their own ideas and projects. The PHWT and its professors provide the necessary tailwind and security in the study program to tackle opportunities and support start-up ideas.

The goal of research funding is to offer you and other students the proximity to companies in order to establish contacts and seize opportunities. Furthermore, research and development offers the chance to participate in real projects and to make a difference during your studies.

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That’s why a dual study program at the PHWT is especially worthwhile for you!

In addition to the opportunity to work on progressive projects and belong to a supportive community, there are many other benefits to studying at PHWT.

The standard period of study for a dual Bachelor’s program is 6 to 7 semesters, depending on the department. However, in addition to the Bachelor’s degree, you also have a Chamber of Industry and Commerce degree with the same time investment as in a classic Bachelor’s degree program.

Another difference between dual and classic studies can be found in the area of financing. While a classic study program is financed out of one’s own pocket through tuition fees, in a dual study program the partner company pays all fees incurred. In addition, a training allowance is paid, so that own money is earned.

Partner companies are often interested in cooperating with the PHWT in order to invest in the future. Therefore, it is common that students are taken on by their practical companies after graduation – this not only secures the future of the company, but also your future. Furthermore, academics with a dual degree are credited with very good career prospects, mainly due to the practical education and the outstanding preparation for professional life.

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 The PHWT in Facts & Figures

  • Founded in September 1989 as a university of cooperative education, since 15.10.1998 university of applied sciences
  • approx. 600 students
  • 65 employees
    HARTING Foundation & Co. KG
    PHWT Members and Companies Association e. V.
    County of Diepholz
    City of Diepholz
    County of Vechta
    City of Vechta
  • Currently 6 Bachelor’s degree programs, 1 Master’s degree program
  • Latest and very extensive laboratory equipment for the technical study programs in Diepholz