Friends and sponsors

The PHWT Alumni Network

Networking and promoting

The Association of Friends and Supporters of the PHWT is a network of students, former students, companies and other interested parties in the PHWT.

It provides a forum to maintain and promote contact between these groups. 

Association of friends and supporters

The task of the association is to support the university exclusively and directly in teaching, research and further education ideally and materially.

In order to fulfill these purposes, the association provides funds to promote the structural requirements, the design of the environment and other student activities.

It fosters close cooperation between the university and the training companies. In addition, it forms a platform for contact between former students and maintains the connection to the university.

Become a member

Association fee

The annual fee and your donations are tax deductible, because the association is recognized by the tax office as a non-profit organization. The contribution is currently only 25 € (13 € for students).