Train competent specialists for your company with us

How PHWT will safely guide your students to success:

PHWT is your reliable education partner

The dual study program at the PHWT offers not only the students, but also you as a company great advantages for the future.

Through the modern and future-oriented studies, your junior staff will be prepared at a high level to work in your company in a success-oriented manner and to be a part of progress. At the same time, you as a company have no time disadvantage, since the dual study program can be completed in the same period of time as an individual education. In addition, all IHK examination content is already integrated into the study program, so our students do not have to attend any additional vocational school.

Actively ensure the next generation of skilled workers and managers in your company with a partnership. With subject-specific and digital competencies from our university, your students are best prepared for the future and will be a progressive advantage for your company.

Benefit from the important advantages of PHWT

1. regular exchange and open communication with PHWT allow fast flexible solutions.

2. exclusively modern and progressive module contents, which are future-oriented in structure and fundamental in practice.

3. future-proof trained specialists and managers for your company.

Benefit from our openness for individual solutions

Digitization has become an integral part of the working world and is evolving day by day. For this very reason, it is important to build digital competence and progress for your company with your employees.

In order to foster exactly those competencies in your future specialists and managers that are most crucial for your company, a partnership with PHWT is the ideal solution. We support you in selecting ideally suited candidates from our pool of applicants. In addition, frequent and close exchanges allow us to work out flexible solutions with our partners.

For example, you can also train employees in specific fields or provide innovation impulses to drive progress in working methods and companies. Furthermore, innovation projects can be examined, professionally supported and co-developed, as the PHWT Institute is a qualified partner for innovation & transformation.

Enjoy PHWT as a reliable educational partner.

Practice-oriented. Fundamental. Guaranteed successful.

If you are not sure whether the training opportunities you offer match a course of study at the PHWT, we will be happy to support you. We check in the technical and business area to which course of study which education fits optimally. In fact, a wide range of education with IHK exams can be combined with a degree program without significantly extending the duration of the education.

In case of problems or questions, the PHWT additionally offers itself as a reliable partner through regular exchange and open communication and offers quick and flexible solutions.

Your company not only gains competent employees through the dual training positions, but also attractiveness for applicants: Academic degrees with simultaneous remuneration are becoming increasingly interesting and attractive for the younger generations.

So werden Sie zum Bildungs-Partner der PHWT

1. Request

Answer the short questions for the membership application and in just 3 minutes your request will be with us.

2. Conversation

By phone or in person, we will exchange ideas with you to clarify questions and learn about your requirements.

3. Membership

If it suits both sides, we welcome you to our member association.