Dual study mechatronics

(also possible as a classical study)

Your path to a responsible position in the industry

Your mechatronics studies at the PHWT

Just 20 years ago, most technical systems functioned purely mechanically. Today, mechanical systems are increasingly equipped and automated with state-of-the-art electronics. In order to be able to develop these mechatronic systems, specialists are needed who feel confident at the interfaces of the engineering disciplines and computer science.

The artificial word mechatronics expresses the integration of three disciplines: mechanics, electrical engineering or electronics and computer science. The program offers a comprehensive look at the three disciplines and combines you with engineering.

While the first impression may leave you with a complicated picture of the program, appearances are deceiving: the technical modules are almost congruent and complement each other. The special feature of the classical and dual mechatronics degree program is that once learned, methods can be applied to all other subject areas, thus learning interdisciplinary work at the same time. This methodical approach is strengthened in the practical part of the studies.

The mechatronics degree program is just right for you if…

… you enjoy both manual activities such as screwing and soldering.

… you are interested in programming and coding.

… you would like to expand your horizons to other areas related to mechatronics.

… you find it exciting to bring mechanical and electrotechnical components together.

… you have already dealt with the subject of mechatronics and have been able to gain some experience.

This is how your dual study program in mechatronics will work in practice

Your studies are completed after only 7 semesters plus a bachelor’s thesis (46 months). At the same time, you will complete your technical education in your company during the first 2 years. The dual study program combines these components by alternating between practical and theoretical phases.

In this way, you will acquire the most important skills to excel in your field. After the dual study program, you will have fundamental knowledge of everything from technical skills and methods to technical and social skills, which you can then apply in practice in your company. At the same time, you will have various laboratory projects with practical questions in the theoretical blocks, which you will work on with the support of the supervisors and your fellow students, so that engineering procedures and interdisciplinary methods can be internalized.

In addition to your professors, experienced practitioners from the field of mechatronics will impart their knowledge to you in a structured manner, offering you an intensive and very well supervised study program. Small groups allow an optimal supervision ratio between the lecturers and you, so that you are sure to succeed!

Your dual studies usually start on 01.08. of a year. The diagram below shows how your phases are coordinated.

This is what awaits you in your classical studies

Your studies are completed after 7 semesters plus a bachelor thesis (46 months).

Individual elective courses give you the opportunity to focus on specific areas and acquire all the most important skills. After graduation, you will have fundamental knowledge of everything from technical skills to methodological and social skills, which you can then apply in practice in your company.

During your studies, exciting project work is part of the program in order to build up interdisciplinary and transferable knowledge. In addition to your professors, experienced practitioners from business and technology will impart knowledge in a structured manner, offering you an intensive and very well supervised study program. Small groups allow for an optimal supervision ratio between the lecturers and you, so that you are sure to succeed!

Your classical studies at the PHWT usually begin in the 40th calendar week of the year. You can see how your phases will be coordinated in the diagram below and in more detail in our study plan (see download area).

Study mechatronics together

The community spirit at the PHWT ensures a familiar atmosphere on the entire campus. Due to the compact size of the university, the lecturers are almost always available, whether in person, by e-mail, by phone or via Microsoft Teams.

If problems arise or difficulties arise in your studies or company, we will work together to find a solution. Your lecturers provide individual support to ensure that you are not left out in the cold and respond to your wishes and ideas.

These contents await you during your mechatronics studies 

The educational goal of the Mechatronics program is to provide a demand-oriented engineering education with broad basic knowledge, taking into account ecological, economic and ethical aspects. Students learn to analyze engineering problems and to develop economically justifiable solutions. Independent and holistic learning are encouraged, as well as the ability to critically reflect and implement what has been learned in practice.

The study program is divided into the following teaching and learning contents:

  • Fundamentals of mathematics and natural sciences
  • Fundamentals of engineering science
  • Engineering methodology
  • Engineering applications
  • Interdisciplinary teaching content
  • Practical education

Cross-functional thinking and application-oriented work are promoted in the project, among other things. Action-oriented learning is promoted through the realistic project work, which contributes to the development of in-depth engineering knowledge and skills. Planning and organizational skills as well as teamwork and communication skills are promoted. In addition, students’ social skills are trained in appropriate courses. International thinking and communication in a foreign language (English) are part of the learning program.

If you have any questions, please contact the secretary’s office in the engineering department “Dr. Jürgen Ulderup”:

Telephone: 05441 992-250

Students report

At the end of their studies, each graduate shines through the completed training profession, the
successfully completed studies at one of the best universities in Northern Germany, a good
network among the students and almost two years of relevant work experience in the company.
company. That every graduate who is willing to overcome the various hurdles is full of
motivation, ambition, and joy in learning, in my opinion, does not need to be
be emphasized.

Alexander Stuke

Dual Student Business Administration, Harting Electric

Right at the beginning of the first theory phase, one is struck by the “familiar” way the lecturers treat the
students. The lectures take place in small groups and therefore have a very pleasant atmosphere.
pleasant atmosphere.
There is also a friendly atmosphere among the students themselves. Also to the other
students, too, and they do a lot of things together.

In my opinion, a dual course of study at the PHWT is the perfect combination of
theoretical knowledge and its practical application in the company. I really enjoyed the topics I was taught and felt very comfortable at the PHWT.

Sonja Schlärmann

Dual Studentin Business Administration, delo Dettmer Verpackungen

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