Your classic Bachelor studies at the PHWT

Study in your region and benefit from our networked community

Your Bachelor in the classic model at an excellent university

Are you looking for a place to study in your region that will enable you to complete an excellent course of study with a valuable practical orientation, while at the same time enjoying the proximity to your home region?

Then PHWT is the ideal university for you and your future career.

The classic bachelor’s degree program at PHWT allows you to study in your home region in a respected and well-founded manner. As a graduate the PHWT you have very good career opportunities in our region and beyond, since your practical and future-oriented bachelor’s degree at the PHWT is highly regarded by companies. You can pay the tuition fees in installments.

After graduation, our students are highly responsible and professionally very competent employees, both professionally and privately, who offer the companies great added value at a very early stage.

The subject matter of the classic bachelor’s program at the PHWT is identical to that of the dual counterpart of your degree program. Only the practical phases are omitted in the classic model and you can fully concentrate on your studies.

Also identical to the dual study program is the unique community and the close cooperation between students and lecturers. Thanks to the small study groups and personal contact with the professors, you will be optimally accompanied towards your degree.

Practical orientation in a classic Bachelor’s degree program? That’s possible!

The classic bachelor’s degree program at the PHWT corresponds to the dual model in almost all areas. You participate in practical research projects, work on projects in close cooperation with companies and learn practical content in the modules and lectures of your degree program.

You will be integrated into our network of students, professors and regional companies in the same way as our dual students and thus enjoy the same practical and future-oriented content of the program.

The only difference is that you will not work in your training company after the theory phase, but you will go on semester break. The classic model of the bachelor’s degree at the PHWT has all the practical advantages that you would enjoy in a dual study program, except that you finance it yourself and can focus completely on your studies and their content.

 Which bachelor’s degree program is interesting for you?

(The contents are identical to those of the dual study programs; the only difference is that during the practical / training phases of the dual students you can use the time for your own projects or, if necessary, also work on research projects.)

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