Your dual study programme in electrical engineering

(also possible as a classical degree)

Your dual study programme in electrical engineering at the PHWT

Is it your goal to enjoy the advantages of studying and training at the same time? Or would you like to be in your dream job and in a responsible position as quickly as possible?

Then a dual study programme in electrical engineering at the PHWT is just the right thing for you!

Your path to a responsible position in the industry

Not only do you benefit from a practice-oriented study programme, but you can also directly implement and consolidate the specialist knowledge you have learned in your company. This not only makes what you have learned more tangible, but you will also quickly offer the company added value and make yourself indispensable in the company. And you can already earn your first own money!

With PHWT at your side, you will be guided to success right from the start. We support you from the individual selection of your training company to reliable exam preparation.

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The dual study programme in electrical engineering is just the right thing for you if…

…you enjoy electronics and electrotechnical systems.

…you are interested in computer science and programming.

…your individual strengths come to the fore especially in the areas of maths, physics, English and computer science.

…you can think abstractly and like to tinker.

…you want to qualify academically and professionally at the same time.

This is how your dual study programme in electrical engineering will work

Your dual study programme in electrical engineering is completed after only 7 semesters plus the bachelor’s thesis (46 months). The dual study programme in electrical engineering, like the other dual study programmes, combines these components by alternating between practical and theoretical phases throughout the entire study period.

During your dual study programme in electrical engineering, you have the opportunity to choose a specialisation within electrical engineering, for example, to specialise in automation technology, energy technology or microsystems. Complemented by elective modules and the choice of topics for the interdisciplinary project assignment, you will be optimally prepared for your professional future.

You will be taught solid mathematical and engineering knowledge and methods to give you every opportunity to assert yourself competently in practice and to take on responsible tasks.

In addition to your professors, experienced practitioners from business and technology will provide you with an extensive and interesting body of knowledge. In addition, exciting project work in small groups ensures an optimal supervision ratio that will lead you to success.

Your dual study programme in electrical engineering usually begins on 1 August each year. You can see how your phases are coordinated in the diagram below and in more detail in our study plan (see download area).

This is what awaits you in your classical studies

There is also the option of completing a classical degree programme. If you opt for a classical degree programme, it is completed after 7 semesters plus the Bachelor’s thesis (46 months).

The range of compulsory elective subjects gives you the opportunity to focus on specific areas and acquire the skills that are most important to you. Through your studies, you are competent in technical, methodological and social skills and can apply them in the workplace.

Exciting project work is an elementary part of your studies in order to acquire interdisciplinary and transferable knowledge. In addition to your professors, you will also be taught by practitioners from business and technology, which guarantees you an intensive and very well-supported study programme. Small groups guarantee you the best possible success, as the supervision ratio is optimal!

Your classical studies at the PHWT typically begin in the 40th calendar week. You can find the arrangement of your phases schematically in the illustration below and in detail in our study plan (see download area).

Study Electrical Engineering Dual Jointly

The pleasant size of the PHWT ensures a familiar and intimate atmosphere throughout the campus. The compact design means that lecturers are almost always available, whether in person, by email, by phone or via Microsoft Teams.

If problems arise, you are not left alone. Your lecturers are always there for you and will help you find the best solution. Take a look at all the study programmes that PHWT has to offer.

These are the contents you can expect during your dual study programme in electrical engineering

The dual study programme in electrical engineering is divided into these 3 areas: Basic area, competence area and specialisation area. Electrical engineering is an engineering degree programme with a Bachelor of Engineering degree. The aim of the programme is to provide a general education that takes ecological, economic and social aspects into account.
You will be taught all the necessary mathematical and engineering skills and methods, and you will be qualified to apply to continue your studies in a Master’s programme. In exciting project work with small groups, you will be given the opportunity to gain experience across topics and expand your knowledge in the areas of: Mathematics, electrical engineering/electronics, as well as computer science and programming.
The dual study programme in electrical engineering opens up a very broad field of application in company practice and thus offers diverse and flexible career prospects, e.g. in the areas of:

  • Power generation and distribution
  • Land, water and aircraft industry
  • Communications media
  • Civil service
  • Scientific institutions and research facilities

Why should you pursue the dual study programme in electrical engineering?

If the above requirements apply to you and the various contents appeal to you, the dual study programme in electrical engineering offers you great prospects for the future. Electrical engineering is constantly developing and there are many specialisation options.

As a result, the demand for electrical engineers is very high and many positions need to be filled in the various companies. The dual study programme in electrical engineering offers the best prerequisites, since according to the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V. (Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany), more than 80 percent of dual study students in electrical engineering are taken on by their company.


What tasks await you during and after your dual study programme in electrical engineering?

During the dual study programme in electrical engineering, you will be prepared for the various possible applications and learn how to deal with different tasks. These include

  • Designing technical drawings
  • Programming electrical components
  • Develop or participate in technical procedures and processes
  • Install, maintain and repair systems, equipment and devices
  • Preparing technical documentation in accordance with legal and operational framework conditions

Does that sound interesting? Then this dual study programme in electrical engineering is just right for you! We look forward to receiving your application!

If you have any questions, please contact the secretariat in the Engineering Department “Dr. Jürgen Ulderup”:

Phone: 05441 992-250

Students report

At the end of their studies, each graduate shines through the completed training profession, the successfully completed studies at one of the best universities in Northern Germany, a good network among the students and almost two years of relevant work experience in the company.
company. That every graduate who is willing to overcome the various hurdles is full of motivation, ambition, and joy in learning, in my opinion, does not need to be emphasized.

Alexander Stuke

Dual Student Business Administration, Harting Electric

Right at the beginning of the first theory phase, one is struck by the “familiar” way the lecturers treat the students. The lectures take place in small groups and therefore have a very pleasant atmosphere. There is also a friendly atmosphere among the students themselves. Also to the other students, too, and they do a lot of things together.

In my opinion, a dual course of study at the PHWT is the perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and its practical application in the company. I really enjoyed the topics I was taught and felt very comfortable at the PHWT.

Sonja Schlärmann

Dual student Business Administration, delo Dettmer Verpackungen

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