PHWT study examines future viability of Oldenburger Münsterland Companies are invited to participate in online survey

03. Dec 2020

The Private University of Applied Sciences (PHWT) is conducting an online survey on the topic: “How economically sustainable is the Oldenburg Münsterland? For years, the Oldenburg Münsterland was considered an economic boom region. But is this description still appropriate today? How successful is the region’s economy and can this success still be realised in the future in view of the transformation processes in business management? A research team of seven 5th/6th semester students at the PHWT Vechta under the overall supervision of Prof. Dr. Norbert Meiners is dealing with these questions.

The online survey is primarily aimed at companies from the key sectors of agribusiness (agricultural and food industry), plastics technology and the construction industry,” says Prof. Meiners. The results of the study can provide great added value for companies in the Oldenburg Münsterland. For the first time, they enable a comparison with the regional industry average and can thus reveal potential for action in order to set up their own company in an economically sustainable way and thus remain fit for the future.

The cooperation partners for this research study are the Oldenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the business development agencies and district craft associations of the districts of Vechta and Cloppenburg, and the Oldenburger Münsterland e.V. association. The student project management is carried out by Kimberly Kienitz and Lena Hollinden.

In order to be able to determine research results that are as meaningful as possible, the PHWT research team is calling on companies to participate in the anonymised survey in large numbers at the following link or QR code:

Filling out the questionnaire takes about 8-10 minutes. Participation is possible until Wednesday, 16 December 2020. “Participants in the survey will receive exclusive access to a summary of the anonymised survey results upon request,” emphasises Kimberly Kienitz.

After evaluating the survey results, workshops are also planned at the PHWT with companies from the three key sectors. Several discussion rounds will delve deeper into the topic to gain further insights. The aim is to publish the research results in a scientific journal in summer 2021.

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